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Loop pedal price tracker has been updated for March

This is here to make sure you get a good deal on your purchase, as the pricing for loop pedals is not always rational. Last update was January 2013. There have been a few interesting developments: Loop Pedal Price Tracker

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Loop pedals hold their value

A friend commented to me the other day that he had purchased a DigiTech JamMan a few years ago and used it often. Then, he was surprised that when he went to sell it he was able to get close

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TC Ditto – now on Amazon!

Based on feedback from multiple sources, the initial production run was not high enough to meet full demand. This is one of the most anticipated loop pedals ever, due to it’s simplicity, price point and sound quality. Basic message is

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Matt Calder [The Pour]

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Reggie Watts [hall of fame looper artist and comedian]

Probably the most famous looper musician. Also, seems to have a promotional contract with EHX (Electro-Harmonix)  

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