Hello! I started LooperMusic.com in 2012 as a website that is dedicated to bringing looper technology to more musicians. While I strive to help expert looping artists improve their setups, I am also focused on those musicians who have not yet discovered looping.Author of LooperMusic.com - Jasper

In my view, looping technology is revolutionary for live music performance. With it, you can create music (even as a solo artist) that simply was not possible before. Aside from the benefits on stage, it is one of the best tools for practice.

I discovered looping back in 2004, and remember being blown away by a live performance. I remember saying “that’s genius”, and I gave all the credit to the first artist that I happen to see use one.  Soon, it became obvious that many people had figured out ways to create performances where the entertainment value was on an entirely new level.

A few years later, I finally got around to buying the equipment. I spent days, if not weeks, hunting around on the web to piece together information: what to buy, how to set it up, etc. Once I had everything, I spent months tweaking my setup to get rid of latency problems, noise, and a multitude of other issues. My main impression after going through all of that was that the effort was worth it, but it definitely took a lot of work. I’m here to try and make sure it’s less work for you – so you can get through the technical part and on to the fun part quickly.

Currently, there is a small and dedicated subset of musicians who utilize looping technology. There is a long history with the equipment as new generations of tools are made available with modern technology. This actually serves to complicate the space for new-comers, as they can easily be led down the path of purchasing out-of-date equipment. My approach is to focus on the latest technology and cost-effective solutions (for example – iPhone and Android looping applications).

The goal is to provide you with a value-added service that helps you learn about the equipment, set up your own equipment, and then potentially share your music with other people.