Another loop pedal from DigiTech? Yep! [JamMan Express XT]

DigiTech (out of Sandy, Utah) has announced the pending release of a new pedal. That makes two within less than one year. Last September, they had released the JamMan Solo XT which was the first type 1 looper (category definitions) that allows multiple units to be connected together so that each band member could have their own loop pedal that is sync’d with the rest of the band.

DigiTech Express XT - NEW

This new pedal is called the JamMan Express XT and seems to be their answer to the TC Ditto. The key with this new form factor is that it’s simple to use, very compact, and also inexpensive. The unique selling point of this pedal over the Ditto is that you can connect multiple Express XT’s together or connect an Express XT to a Solo XT (smart!).

The expected launch will be August 2013, according to this press release. The MSRP looks to be $99.95 (even though the press release says $149, the DigiTech product page now says $99.95).



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