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Ed Sheeran [probably the most currently-famous person to use a looper]

By now, we’ve all heard his radio hits, from “The A Team” to “Photograph” and “Thinking Out Load”. He basically is on fire. What you may not know is that he is a great looper artist. Check out some of

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~$300 Looper Setup for Youtube

A question came in that I would like to share the response to: “My college-aged son really wants a looper pedal for Christmas, but I need some help on figuring out the whole setup.  I am happy to purchase through

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Question on which looper to buy

An email from R. asked the following: “Is there a looper run by battery with headphoneJack, multi effects and memory?Thank you, love your site!” I would like to share the response for the benefit of others and in case there are

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Question about a sampler

An email from T.S. asked the following: Pardon my ignorance regarding looping and the related technology as I am new to this realm of music production. There is a very specific application that I have in mind for live performances

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RC-30 Input Levels

An email from Mike S asked the following: “I read your helpful Q&A on the Boss RC 30 ( – I’ve recently upgraded to this model from the old RC 20XL. One big difference is that the RC 30 does

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Another loop pedal from DigiTech? Yep! [JamMan Express XT]

DigiTech (out of Sandy, Utah) has announced the pending release of a new pedal. That makes two within less than one year. Last September, they had released the JamMan Solo XT which was the first type 1 looper (category definitions)

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BOSS RC-505 announced!

Only four months into 2013, and we’ve seen two new loop pedals introduced by major brands (TC Ditto and EHX 45000). Now, there is a third! Roland (BOSS) announced the RC-505 this month. It is meant to be a table-top

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DigiTech JamMan Stereo FABE for verse-chorus functionality

We have had multiple questions about which affordable loopers allow you to perform verse-chorus-verse switching on the fly. The VOX VDL1 is a great option. Also, the DigiTech JamMan Stereo can work. If you go with the latter, then we would recommend

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Loop pedal price tracker has been updated for March

This is here to make sure you get a good deal on your purchase, as the pricing for loop pedals is not always rational. Last update was January 2013. There have been a few interesting developments: Loop Pedal Price Tracker

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Loop pedals hold their value

A friend commented to me the other day that he had purchased a DigiTech JamMan a few years ago and used it often. Then, he was surprised that when he went to sell it he was able to get close

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