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TC Ditto – now on Amazon!

Based on feedback from multiple sources, the initial production run was not high enough to meet full demand. This is one of the most anticipated loop pedals ever, due to it’s simplicity, price point and sound quality. Basic message is

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Full list of looper pedal reviews

If you find these reviews useful please “like” on Facebook to let me know and share the link with your friends! Looper Pedal Reviews: Compact (Micro) Loopers Including TC Ditto, Boss RC-1, EHX Nano 360, DigiTech Express XT, Donner Looper, Hotone

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Looper Pedals vs iOS Looping Applications

If you find this article useful please “like” on Facebook to let me know and share the link with your friends! If you are just getting started with live looping there is no better way to try it out than

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Electro-Harmonix 45000 Released

January was an exciting month for an industry that only see’s new product launches a few times a year, at best. Not only did TC Electronic announce a new type 1 looper device (Ditto), EHX has entered back into the looper space with the

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TC Electronic Ditto Looper


TC has recently announced a new looper that we expect will be very competitive in the market place. It is highly compact, simplified, and is expected to be at a very decent price point. We will review it  as soon as it’s available

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NAMM 2013

As the looper industry continues to grow, it’s exciting to see what the leading companies are coming out with next. One of the best ways to keep on it all is watching the coverage on NAMM or actually attending. On the attendee

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Other great sites about looping

We wanted to give credit to where it’s due and point out a few other places where you can get more information on looping history, philosophies, and many other related topics. Please check out these sites when you have time:

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