Looper Category Definitions

In our product reviewslooper storesetup walkthroughs, and price tracker, we refer to specific types of looper equipment. Here is the definition of those product types:

Type 1) Basic looper pedal

Examples: DigiTech JamMan Solo XT, Boss RC-3, DigiTech JamMan Stereo, TC Electronic Ditto

Type 2) Looper pedal with added effects or parallel loops

Examples: Boomerang III, Boss RC-30, DigiTech JamMan Delay, Line 6 JM4, Pigtronix Infinity, Vox VDL1, Vox VLL1, EHX 45000

Type 3) Looper pedal with audio interface to DAW and other extras

Examples: Boss RC-300

Type 4) Effects pedal with looper functionality

Examples: Akai E2 Headrush, Boss ME-70, DigiTech DL-8, EHX Memory Man, Line 6 M9, Zoom G3X, TC Electronic Flashback

Type 5) Discontinued looper Pedal

Examples: Boss RC-20, DigiTech JamMan, EHX 2880

Type 6) Looper pedal accessory

Examples: Boomerang Side Car, Boss EV-5, DigiTech FS3x, Pigtronix Dual Expression, Vox VFS2, EHX 45000 Foot Controller


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