Read before you buy!

I’m here to help you choose a loop station setup and then help you get it working. If you have made a purchase through one of my affiliate links (such as, simply send proof of purchase (just email a receipt that shows the date and I can verify) along with your setup questions and I will work with you to get it going at no charge. Also, I will put you on a list that ensures that I answer your questions first and quickly.

To be clear, there is no added cost to you to go through the affiliate link. There is just a little less money going to whoever is selling the product because they give the referer (me) a few percent. If you are about to buy a loop pedal simply click the below link to Amazon, which has the best prices online anyways, and then make the purchase within the next 24 hrs.
Amazon Loop Pedals

Then email for help!

Note:  I would highly recommend also posting questions on our Facebook page or in the comments section of a review. That way, others can help answer and benefit from the information.

Every now and then I check to make sure that the affiliate programs I am involved with have better or equal pricing than the competing websites. Here is the latest spot check on loop station pricing from Nov 2015. You can see that Amazon is very competitive (as well as international and trusted):


EHX 45000

$478.50 Amazon

$478.50 Sweetwater

$478.50 Music123

$478.99 Guitar Center

Boss RC-300

$549.00 Amazon

$549.00 · Guitar Center

$549.00 · Sweetwater

$549.00 · B&H Photo-Video-Audio

$549.00 · Sam Ash

$549.00 ·

$549.00 · Musicians Friend

$549.00 · Pitbull Audio

$549.00 · Vintage King Audio

$549.00 · Hello Music

TC Ditto

$81.01 Amazon

$99.99 Guitar Center

$99.99 Sweetwater