Question on which looper to buy

An email from R. asked the following:

“Is there a looper run by battery with headphone
Jack, multi effects and memory?
Thank you, love your site!”

I would like to share the response for the benefit of others and in case there are more ideas out there:

Hi – the Vox Lil Looper comes close but doesn’t have memory.
To be honest, I think that FX is best left to other pedals. I lean more and more towards loop pedals that do nothing but loop reliably. For example, there are only a few very serious musicians that I have seen use a loop pedal live and they always have a pedal board with dedicated FX pedals.
With that being said, you would be best off with that new TC Ditto X2 (check price). They improved over the first TC Ditto and added the ability to power with 9V batteries.

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