RC-30 Input Levels

An email from Mike S asked the following:
“I read your helpful Q&A on the Boss RC 30 (http://loopermusic.com/equipment/boss-rc-30-looper-review) – I’ve recently upgraded to this model from the old RC 20XL.

One big difference is that the RC 30 does not have an input level control for the instrument (only for the mic input) whereas the RC 20 did have an instrument level control although it didn’t have a mic input. If I lay down a rhythm track using an acoustic guitar then plug in my Gibson ES175 electric, the level on the electric is so low it hardly registers. Bottom line, it works fine if I using the same instrument for rhythm and overdubbing, but not so good if I try and use different instruments on the same track because I can’t adjust the various input levels.

Has anyone else raised this as an issue and do you have any suggestions?”

I would like to share the response for the benefit of others and in case there are more ideas out there:

“Actually, I haven’t heard that come up because I think it’s not a common use case (un-plugging and re-plugging instruments while looping). The best thing I could recommend is to get a simple mixer and plug all inputs into that, get the levels set, and then send that combined signal to your RC-30.

Hope that helps. There are some simple mixer options here: http://loopermusic.com/audio-mixers”


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