Starting Point

First question: what is a “looper”?
– It’s a device that includes a pedal (or footswitch) that allows the user to record sound and then re-play that recording continuously. Additional layers of sound can then be added over the original.
– Also, it can be known as a “phrase looper”, “loop station”, “loop pedal”, etc…

What can I do with that?
– You can easily practice vocal harmonies, solo’s, drumming, base lines, beat boxing, and everything else you can think of. Also, you can create detailed and interesting live performances that will keep your audience amazed.

What makes it different than computer software that accomplishes a similar task?
– The largest benefit is that it’s user-friendly. Once you are setup, you are controlling mainly with your foot. This makes it easy to quickly pick it up and get going – this means you will likely use it very often.
– Also, it’s perfect for live performances. If you are planning on performing live, you will probably want to accomplish more than a single-instrument/single-vocal sound. You can of course try to form a band. I personally know how difficult that can be (arranging practices, finding compatible people, etc.). The other option would be performing with a looper pedal setup.

What is the bottom line?
-I believe that every musician should have this in their arsenal. For me, it was the best tool for learning that I ever found. It kept me motivated, became my favorite past-time, and I finally learned guitar because of it. For others, it is what sets them apart from all the other solo artists that don’t use one.

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This process describes a basic way to form and then clear a layered recording. Pedals usually have multiple functions. It may seem complicated, but will come pretty naturally after a few tries.